Ukrainian Dance

Welcome to the Ukrainian School of Dance!      Ласкаво просимо!

Ukrainian dance performances provide an opportunity to share with audiences the proud and distinguished cultural legacy and heritage of the Ukrainian people contributing to the multicultural diversity of the Canadian mosaic!

The foundation for the Ukrainian School of Arts (Toronto, Ontario Canada) was established during the summer months of 1998. Since then, the school has grown to become one of the finest and largest of its kind within the greater Toronto area. Today, the school offers a complete and challenging dance program to over 300 students of all ages and skill levels and serves as the base for the "Ukraina" Dance Ensemble. The school boasts a unique repertoire, utilizes a variety of regional styles and costumes, incorporating components of character and classical technique and vocal interludes.

The school offers student-oriented instructional sessions attracting almost 300 students annually. Classes offer a complete and challenging dance program for dancers of all ages and skill levels from Beginner to Advanced. Unique and innovative, this school's emphasis is the development of both the artistic and technical abilities of students with the aim to promote a superior level of traditional Ukrainian dance.

What's Happening!

All dancers must attend the stage rehearsals prior to the actual performance. The dancers are asked to assemble in the Mississauga Living Arts Centre front foyer, by the elevators, at 1:30 PM. Dancers are to arrive dressed in their rehearsal attire (t-shirts, body suits, leggings/tights, ballet slippers/shoes). Class representatives will meet their groups in the foyer and direct them appropriately. Once you arrive on site do not leave the meeting area until met by an official from the school. The stage rehearsal will run from 2:00 to 4:00 PM after which dancers will be dismissed for a break. The break will run from 4:00 to 5:45 PM. Dancers are asked to use this time wisely --- retrieve your costumes, eat and drink something, prepare yourself for the show.

Dancers are then asked to return promptly at 5:45 PM with their respective costumes in hand. Do not wear your costumes. Change rooms will be assigned for that purpose. Parents are asked to review all costume elements to ensure that no items have been forgotten and that any necessary costume adjustments are completed prior to the performance. At 5:45 PM dancers are asked to meet at the main floor back entrance (off Living Arts Drive) to the Mississauga Living Arts Centre. At this time, no dancers are permitted back stage. Again, dancers will be met by an official representative from the school and directed appropriately. Only water bottles are allowed backstage. No juices or food of any kind will be permitted backstage. The school recommends that each dancer have two bottles of water for their own consumption.

Sponsors / Donors

We wish to extend our full-hearted gratitude to all the volunteers who have contributed so much of themselves toward the success of our School. Similarly, we sincerely thank our sponsors and donators for their generous contributions, both the individuals and corporations, who have assisted the School in developing and enhancing their offerings.

How to develop your dancing skills

Dancing allows you to develop physical, coordinative and artistic capacities. Accomplished escorts can recommend you some useful techniques which can help you to improve your dancing skills. These methods are part of contemporary dance and are focused on the development of the expressive ability of the body.

Increase your corporal consciousness and expressive ability

One of the techniques that your proficient escorts will recommend you is known as Hawkins method. If you want to learn to dance more fluently and with less effort while the risk of injury is reduced, this could be the best alternative for you.

Hawkins technique helps you to develop a deep awareness about posture, anatomy and body alignment. From that point of view, you are trained to move with minimal muscular effort.

Your intelligent escort will explain you that Hawkins technique has a main criterion the use of fluid and free movements that start at the center of gravity of the body. This method focuses on generating a motility that follows the anatomical principles of the organism.

This system was invented by the great modern dancer Erik Hawkins. After recovering from an injury, he realized that western techniques were based on misconceptions about the body.

Hawkins understood that muscles full of tension cannot communicate feelings in dance in a clear way, as your acquainted escort will tell you. He found out that the body of the dancer works best and communicates better when it is allowed to rest.

Therefore, he decided to develop a technique that would help the dancer to integrate body, mind and soul. To achieve this, he incorporated knowledge of eastern disciplines, science and somatic education like ideokinesis.

Smart escorts like those from EROS will tell you that this technique will help you to develop greater clarity in the expression of movements. It will also help you to understand how the central line of your body works through the comprehension of your spine and its natural curvatures. You will also be able to use visualization to move with greater efficiency, vitality and flexibility.

Gain grace and fluency on the dance floor

The Release technique is a group of principles and methods that are widely employed on every school of arts. As your clever escort from will explain you, these criteria emphasize the release of muscle tension when motions are made.

The main purpose of the criteria of Release technique is to achieve the efficient use of energy and anatomy in a way that movements are made with the least effort.

As proficient escorts will tell you, this method will help you to develop awareness in terms of breathing and body alignment. It will help you to understand the organic mechanism related to joints and the distribution of weight throughout your organism.

Through the Release technique you can discover how to use the force of gravity in your favor instead of using muscle strength. In this way you can discover your own unique way of moving.

This method helps you to perceive your being as an integrated entity where there is no separation between mind, body, soul and emotions. It will also help you to understand the role played by the nervous system on movement.